Settore: Industria E Manodopera / Information Technology / Oil And Gas
Azienda: Innovative Management Services s.r.l.
Data annuncio: 25/10/2019
Sede di lavoro: Trento
Company specialized in Technical management service is looking for a Commissioning and start-up of complex plants of oil & gas industries.

The candidate must be a Senior IT Engineer with IT support experience configuring and supporting ICT & Security infrastructures, with main focus in cisco and juniper networking, Microsoft windows, VMware Virtualization, Storage, and monitoring system Zabbix.

Main Tasks:

- Knowledge of Network devices: Cisco Switches, and Juniper Swithces an advantage, Alcatel switiches          and  WLC balance    with particural knwoledge of Fiber Optic links, Troubleshoot Network connectivity,            LAN sockets etc;

- Knowledge of networking tools, HTTP, IMAP4, NNTP, NAT, HOSTS, SNMP,  TELNET, PING, FTP, TFTP;

- Firewall Fortigate knowledge;

- Cisco IP telephony Systems, Cisco CCM;

- Deep knowledge of IT platform hardware, UPS, Servers, Racks, Server rooms;

- Deep Knowledge of CCTV professional integrated system;

- Knowledge of Access Control Systems (LENEL brand & On Guard software knowledge is an advantage).

Systems: Telephone, Lan, For, IDS, ACS, CCTV, Meteo, PAGA


Minimum ten years experience in this field

Age not over 55 years

Fluency in French.

Availability at an almost immediately

Workplace :Algeria

If interested contact us!

Candidati per questo lavoro

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